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Social Distance Practice Rules and Requirements

  • We are very fortunate to have access to our facility during these times. It is critical that all participants, parents and coaches understand and follow the social distance guidelines we have put in place to not only ensure everyone's safety, but to respect the trust placed in us by the Seminole County School Board and Patriot Aquatics.

  • All athletes must be USAWP current and join Patriot Aquatics (Club ID 119). In addition, all athletes must sign the USA WATER POLO COVID-19 RETURN TO PLAY RELEASE AND WAIVER on their account on  

  • We reserve the right to cancel an athlete's membership for failure to follow the rules, both on part of the athlete and the parent.  

  • Please stay informed through our groups on Remind App:

    • Junior Team:@patriotwat​

    • Senior Team:@patriotsen

1.Athlete Drop-Off and Check-In

  • Check-In will occur 5 to 10 minutes before the practice start time.

  • Athletes who are sick or have a fever are expected to stay home.

  • Athletes must arrive changed and ready to go. No use of locker room is permitted.

  • Parents may not enter the pool deck. 

  • It is imperative athletes arrive on time to be checked in, athletes arriving late may not be allowed to enter the pool area.

2. On Deck and Practice Rules

  •  Athletes must practice social distance at all times on deck. 

  • Athletes must have their own towels, goggles, swim caps and water bottles. No sharing permitted. 

  • Social distance will be practiced during swim sets, passing and shooting drills.  

3. End of Practice and Pick-Up

  • At end of practice, athletes will gather their things, dry off, and leave the pool deck by the side exits. No congregating or socializing on pool deck.

  • It is our expectation that parents are ready to pick up their athletes at the time we have communicated practice has ended.  We need athletes to leave the school property promptly.

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