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Club Registration

We're thrilled that you've decided to join our community! Before registering, please take a moment to review the following statements & pages:

  1. We offer 9 months of training (May - January) split into Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions. This leads into High School Water Polo season which ranges from January through April.

  2. To familiarize yourself with the different programs we offer, please visit the About Us page.

  3. Email us at and let us know you are planning on coming out. Then come to the next scheduled practice to introduce yourself!

  4. You will need to register with USA Water Polo which is the governing body of our sport. This will provide insurance for you or your child and allow them to practice and compete in competitions. USA Water Polo has many membership options so feel free to consult us for the best option for you. For players that want to see if Water Polo is for them they can sign up for a one time only free 2 week membership. USA Water Polo Registration Link

  5. Most importantly, we don't want any player to feel they can't participate due to financial reasons. If anyone feels that they cannot make a full payment or is not participating as the result of money alone, please talk to us. We have a scholarship program available for anyone who needs it. Please contact us for more information.

We look forward to seeing you on deck!

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