Coming into water polo I had no swimming background and honestly, I didn’t know much about the sport. However, starting water polo in high school was one of the best decisions I made freshman year. It is truly a team sport that gives you a chance to work together with new people (teammates and coaches alike) while building strong friendships in and out of the pool.


I distinctly remember my first tournament, I hadn’t been playing for very long, about 3 months, and I was extremely nervous. But I learned so much from playing, watching other games, and helping run the scoring tables. Not only did I learn a lot but it was at that tournament that I realized how fun the sport was going to be.


At the same winter tournament, a year later, although still nervous, I was able to recognize how much I had grown as a player. It is that improvement and the opportunity to keep growing that makes practices, games, and tournaments so rewarding.  For me water polo is a chance to improve my skills as an athlete, while building friendships with my teammates.



My words to anyone thinking of starting or trying out water polo, go for it! I guarantee that you will love it, learn a lot, and have fun doing it.

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