The Patriots are Coming

June 12, 2015





Now, with the experience under their belts the girls will be able to move forward and look to the future.  While the practices will not be as intense as the almost 20 hours a week they were putting in the pool earlier, they will be focused on perfecting skills.  With the five regular coaches, and many returning players from college, there is no shortage of things to pick up on in a practice.


“This is a group of girls that doesn’t back down from challenges and I think we made that unmistakably clear with our play this season,” Coach Matt Tomlinson said.  “As a coach once you have their trust and they have yours, that’s when you can really push them to get their very best.”


With high expectations for next season from the other teams, the coaches, and the spectators, the girls are hopping back into the pool to start their training for their chance to represent Lake Brantley on the podium.  With Miami in their dreams, and the ball in the back of the net, the only place for them to go is up.


The 2015 girl’s water polo team made it to states for the first time in ten years, successfully representing Lake Brantley by being one of the top eight teams in Florida.  With the trip down to Miami under their belt, the girls are already practicing for the summer club season.  The trip down to states was the first of many expected trips due their performance this year, and the team being made up of many younger members.


“The girl’s water polo team will be gong to the state tournament for many years to come,” junior and captain Olivia Leete said.  “We only got a little taste of states this year.  Now we’re addicted, we’ll definitely be back.”





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